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Government’s response on Manus is inadequate

Amnesty states that the Australian Government’s response to Amnesty’s report on Manus fails to address the grave human rights violations still occurring in the centre. The Minister’s evasive response to The Amnesty report continues the Government’s silence surrounding their treatment of asylum seekers, including the turning back of boats and the situation in detention centres offshore.

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Secrets and lives

The Australian Government’s offshore asylum seeker detention policy is kept secret.

Secrets and Lives

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Close Manus detention centre, protect asylum seekers

“Australia and PNG share responsibility for the situation at the centre and the failure to protect detainee,” said Sophie Nicolle. “Our timelines of events, supported by the findings of the Cornall Report, shows asylum seekers, after weeks of protesting, were violently attacked by private security guards, local police and other contractors working at the centre.”

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Amnesty responds to Manus Report

Amnesty has responded to the release by the Australian Government of the report into the February violence on Manus Island. “While we welcome that the report into the violence has been made public, the obvious failure of both governments to share responsibility for the violence is appalling”, said Graeme McGregor, Amnesty International spokesperson.

“It’s misleading to label it as a ‘riot’. Testimony received by Amnesty International, as well as that presented in this very report, details that after some days of non-violent protests, detainees were violently attacked by those employed by the government to protect them.

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